Abdulla Salem, as an entrepreneur, has flair for assessing the market and his knowledge of the product has helped him build a beeline of potential clientele and investors ready to hop on to his business venture. Even in his corporate life, Abdulla has displayed the inherent qualities of a winner. His penchant for the luxury segment has led him to invest in the global marketplace with considerable success. He uses his magnetism and knowledge of the business to draw both colleagues and investors to his business ideas. This has led to the execution of successful financing and equity co-investment transactions. Recognizing that venturing into entrepreneurship could open doors to numerous opportunities in the international and regional market, Abdulla has utilized his business acumen for the good of both society and the community.

"Achieve the impossible. Envision, Entrust, Empower, Drive and Succeed."

– Abdulla Salem

Abdulla has truly become a beacon of possibility and success to the entire Emirates and the rest of the world.