Fooray in Football

Abdulla gained ample experience while playing at school level. He outshined most of his fellow players and his talent did not go unnoticed.The Dubai Cultural Sports Club, one of the reputed clubs in the UAE, selected Abdulla to play for them. This offered him the opportunity to play alongside established and well-known players and was Abdulla’s stepping stone to success. There was no looking back ever since. He went on play for all major clubs in the UAE, represented UAE at the international level and won several laurels for thecountry.

Club Career

Abdulla Salem’s career was launched at the Dubai Cultural Sports Club. It was indeed a dream start for him. He received professional grooming to become a young footballer with a keen spirit to succeed. After being associated with the club for nine years, Abdulla decided to bid adieu to the club and joined the Al Ahli Club. This is where Abdulla’s path to success and stardom started.

He continued contributing to the success of the club till 2012, after which Abdulla moved to the Al-Wahda Club in Abu Dhabi.Here Abdulla shared his international experience with his fellow mates, making the camaraderie amongst his colleagues even stronger. In 2013, Abdulla joined the Sharjah Sports & Cultural Club where he played for four years until 2017. In the last quarter of 2017, he started playing for Al IttihadKalba Sports and Cultural Club.

International Career

After commencing his career at the Dubai Cultural Sports Club, Abdulla created a buzz in the local football circle where he outperformed some of the senior players. His remarkable efforts were appreciated with his later selection for the National UAE team making his debut in 2003. He made his country and family proud by representing UAE at the 2003 FIFA World Cup. It was a milestone for his career. He was immensely recognized during this global extravagant event where he was nominated one among the Top 11 World Cup players under 21.

Career Timeline

2017 – 2018 Al Ittihad Kalba Sports & Cultural Club 70 Defender
2013 – 2017 Sharjah Sports & Cultural Club 21 Defender
2012 – 2013 Al-Wahda Football Club 24 Defender
2007 – 2012 Al Ahli Football Club 25 Defender
2003 – 2004 United Arab Emirates National Football Team 2 Defender
1996 – 2007 Dubai Cultural Sports Club 14 Defender

Football Awards

2015 – 2016 U21 League Champion
2014 – 2015 Arabian Gulf Cup Silver Medal
2011 – 2012 Etisalat Cup Champion
2009 Etisalat Super Cup Silver Medal
2009 Etisalat Pro Leaguee Gold Medal
2008 Etisalat Super Cup 1st Place
2007 – 2008 His Highness Cup Champion
2004 Olympics Qualifier
2003 – 2004 Armed Forces League Gold Medal
2003 – 2004 Armed Forces Cup Gold Medal
2003 World Cup Top 11 player under 21
2001 – 2002 Youth League Second Division 2nd Place